Helps to increase the sales of auto parts in the official dealer centers by 31-45% monthly
Online-showcase assists in selling available accessories (Company Warehouse), as well as from the warehouses of manufacturers, dealers, distributors with original accessories. You decide what products to load on the showcase and set sale prices.
It is possible to create two versions:
Online showcase for sales in showrooms (increased price)
Online showcase for online sales (killer price or average market prices on the Internet)
Access to a showcase branded under DC is provided. After entering the car model and year of manufacture, buyer and manager see goods that are suitable only for the selected car.

This allows to increase sales of automotive components as well as to conduct point analytics for each client and automate sales processes.
Complex IT solution for the sales of accessories in the showroom
1. Photos, videos, specifications and detailed description of the product manufacturers, answers to frequently asked questions for each product group.
Features and functionality
2. Recommendation system in each product card allows increase the average check for each car
module "Frequently bought together"
3. The ability to sell products in advance to customers from the warehouses of manufacturers and dealers, as well as the ability to place production orders. In this case, the product card contains the information on the delivery dates to your dealerships and the installation cost.
4. The ability to integrate with your calendar requests for service knowing the delivery time for each accessory
5. Content relevance is monitored by our Content Manager Department, up-to-date information is in the showcase. We monitor the latest products of manufacturers and the applicablity of products.
6. The software has already been developed, you can fill the showcase with any number of products.
1. Sales increase on each product category for the customer on the day of car purchase, conversion increase due to the offers of diversified options and the products that have never been previously sold (dimensions, exclusive ones).

2. Customer return to the dealership after purchasing a car by means of online showcases.

3. Service quality improvement by showing products on a tablet or desktop (sales assistant) When choosing a model and a year of manufacture, the web-application will leave a selection of accessories that must be suitable for the selected car, so neither the client nor the Manager will not make a mistake when ordering.

4. Simplification of processes of manufacturer order placing.

5. Increase of service traffic through installations.

6. Increase of the average check for one car through "Frequently Bought Together" cross-sale module. All materials and manual are on a tablet screen. Tried-and-true opportunity to decorate the car like a Christmas tree!

7. Reduction of employee training expenses and processes optimization.
The results of the implementation of the platform
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CEO $ founder

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