Helps to increase the sales of auto parts in the official dealer centers by 31-45% monthly
The platform allows the seller and the buyer to get instant access to the necessary information on the products' condition: photos, availability in all warehouses, delivery dates, placement of an order online and offline, put a client for service center installation.

This allows not only to increase auto parts sales but also to conduct item-oriented analysis for each client and sales process automation
Complex IT solution for the sales of accessories in the showroom
The advantages of the Online showcase for the dealership
Managing Director
Sales department
Marketing department
Parts and accessories
Service center
auto parts sales increase due to the implementation of an effective tool by managers and marketers
sales plan fulfilment for the distributor
performance increase of each Department that gives the synergy in improving KPI
simplified usage and navigation
for managers and customers
recommendation system with the sampling of the best-selling products to increase the average amount of a check
increased amount of sales by means of an effective tool for employees
availability of a full assortment without the need to purchase products at a warehouse
fast $ furious online sign up
to the service center
Analytics on online sales and visitors
item-oriented advertising campaigns for the sale of specific categories of products
target marketing (information about the customer's car, his purchase history, etc)
recommendation system for machine learning
access to all suppliers and manufacturers
lack of necessity for a warehouse and the purchase budget
availability of a full range of any product category
sales plan fulfilment for the distributor
increased amount of service requests from Sales and Accessories Department
feature to sell additionally along with the installation service
full-time accessible video and photo manual on installation
The platform is integrated with a Warehouse, ERP and DMS System, branded under the showroom corporate style. When entering the brand, model and year of manufacture: the website selects the appropriate products for the car. Therefore, the seller and the customer see the selection of products in demand and sales recommendations.
How it works
At this point, managers and customers are able to see the photos of car installed accessories, specifications and applicability along with the installation manual, availability at their own warehouse and supplier warehouse together with the placement of production order. Recommendation module: "Frequently bought together" - increases the average amount of a check for each car.
User-friendly interface.
Online selling allows to conduct item-oriented analytics and to plan marketing more efficiently. Notifies car owners on special offers, discounts on supplier products with a request for installation in a day that is convenient for them.
branding and optimization
Compatibility with your system
wide range of products
up-to-date content
sales recommendation
product-oriented analytics on each client
target marketing

to a new
the sales
user-friendly system of online and offline purchase
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